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2014 Conference Update



The original date announced a few weeks back has proved to be a bad weekend! There are two additional huge events happen in Waco on the 5th weekend, meaning hotel space was non existent! After working hard to secure space at the Waco Convention Center and adequate hotel accommodations, we elected to bump the event by one week, allowing us to have everything we need to put on another AMAZING event for our membership....AND.... increase attendance space to 200-300 participants. Please mark your calendars to reflect the new dates. Pre-registration for those who attended in 2013 will be available soon. Open Registration for current members will follow shortly.

NEW in 2014 based on the positive and constructive feedback we received we have been able to expand what will be available for you:

Speciality tracks with a set curriculum of classroom sessions and range time, along with additional sessions of your choice

  • A Granny and A Gun- This track was requested by our awesome gals that were in the 50 plus category. Specific topics will be included for women in this aga demographic and will have less demanding physical pace at the range.
  • Newbie Track- If you are a true novice in regards to your experience and understanding of firearms, this track is for you! We will have a special selection of classroom sessions that cover the basics of safe handling, introduction to proper marksmanship and a familiarization of rifle pistols and shotguns on and off the range. 
  • Facilitator Track- Our Facilitators are so important to the AG & AG organization and we want to ensure they have the best training available to them. Our Facilitators will be able to choose up to 2-4 days training on and off the range from top industry instructors and competitive shooters. 

And of course we will bring back the very popular "choose your schedule" at the range and classroom sessions:

  • Beginner Track- a selection of range and classroom sessions for pistol, rifle and shotgun for the shooter that has the basic understanding of firearms safety and marksmanship; has never taken a formal training class beyond a concealed carry course or private lesson at the range; has attended AG & AG events but is not yet ready for a more intense training environment. (IDPA classification of Novice or Marksman, USPSA classification of D, or approval from you facilitator)
  • Intermediate Track- for the shooter that needs to be challenged beyond a beginning level, has taken a formal training course, is carrying a concealed handgun and/or attending local action shooting matches will have the opportunity to select range and classroom sessions based on your current needs and interests in pistol, rifle and shotgun. (IDPA classification of Marksman to Sharpshooter, USPSA classification of C-D, or approval from your facilitator)
  • Advanced Track-This track will be reserved for those members who are actively shooting matches and taking formal training classes. Placement in this session will be extremely limited.
A Girl & A Gun Annual Training Conference Sponsored by

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